The Trucking Industry

CDL Depot is an Innovative Organization Built by Trucking Veterans with a Vision of Making the Trucking Industry A Better Place For Everyone! 

CDL Depot is Driven to Change the Industry

CDL DEPOT is driven to change the industry stereotype about being a truck driver as a career choice- by making it more appealing to more millennials, LGBTQ communities and other marginalized individuals to understand how important trucking career path can provide them with endless opportunities.

We are 100% dedicated to OUTREACH to overlooked communities is our commitment for supporting a new generation of truck drivers! 

A Long History Within the Trucking Industry

Doris Rawlings, the driving force behind this innovative platform, comes from four generations of professional truck drivers. The legacy of her great-grandfather, James Henry Teller, lives on within the CDL Depot.

After 25+ years of commercial truck driving, and working with truckers across the country, CDL Depot co-founder Doris Rawlings knew that there were changes to be made.

There Must Be A Better Way For:

• Drivers to Find New Opportunities 
• Drivers to Learn and Share with Each Other
• Hiring Companies & Drivers to Work Together
• New Drivers to Enter the Industry Safely
• Experienced Drivers to Stay in the Industry Longer
• Overlooked Communities to Connect

The CDL Depot has proven solutions that meet the needs of individuals and organizations alike. 


Meet Our Founder

Founder Doris Rawlings is the brainchild of CDL Depot with over 25+ years of commercial truck driving and working with people across the trucking industry. Doris is known for her focus on safety, proper training, and leveraging innovation within the trucking industry. Doris is also known for her passion for bringing in new talent and for finding better ways to work together. 

More About Our Founder

In addition to being CDL Depot’s President, Doris is currently a Yard Coordinator and CDL Driver for a Fortune 500 retail corporation. Doris initially studied at the Roadmaster school of Orlando Inc. Since then, she has worked for several industry leaders operating specialized equipment throughout the United States and Canada.

Despite the industry being regarded as male-dominated, she was encouraged by her mentor Deacon Donald Lark. Reverend Donald Lark continues providing support to others he has mentored into obtaining a commercial driver’s license. As a professional truck driver, he started off his career as a milk delivery driver in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He made his deliveries with a horse and trailer. Fascinating shared knowledge was the horse knew the milk delivery route! Grandfathered commercial driver’s license holder with endless trucking experience stories shared.

While working in JB HUNT she acquired skills in overall safety awareness which helped her throughout her career with the mindset of safety being foremost her civic duty as a Class A commercial driver. She has a strong reputation in the trucking industry and safety-driven is the reason why she wanted to build a resourceful community for transportation industry talent to network efficiency across all transportation sectors.

Doris has mentored several individuals in helping them obtain their CDL license along with tools for succeeding within this industry. It has been her career passion for helping others in this transportation industry. Doris shares with many the endless career opportunities available within the trucking industry when someone expresses interest. Being a professional truck driver has been a rewarding career for which she attributes to her mentor endless encouragement from the Reverend Donald Lark. Doris has never felt like being a professional truck driver a job after all these years because I love what I do for a profession. May this website provide endless resources through our community gear towards transportation networking.

Looking into the trucking industry there has been a dire need for transportation industry talent across all transportation and logistics sectors in networking efficiently. Here at CDL Depot, we want to achieve in fostering a community with a diversified culture with a common interest.
Doris’s mission is to bring resources that will help you build a lasting relationship and build a better way of establishing them with her passion for the transportation and logistics industry.  

Our Mission

CDL Depot is focused on supporting the trucking industry by offering best-of-breed consulting and marketing services to the benefit of both industry employers as well as individuals within the trucking industry.

We offer services specifically geared towards helping all whose lives are interconnected to the trucking ecosystem.  

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