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The CDL Depot offers consultancy and marketing services to the transportation industry. We bring a twenty-first century approach to the trucking industry. 

A New Approach to Trucking Consultancy & Marketing

CDL Depot offers diverse services to organizations and individuals from all walks of life and from all areas of the trucking industry. Our services are designed to help you or your oganization navigate the rapidly changing trucking industry.

Who the CDL Depot Serves

Drivers & Owner Operators

Drivers are the critical cogs in the wheel that get products from Point A to Point B every single day. Owner Operators also need support in running their business as safely, effectively, and profitably as possible!

Mechanics & Service Providers

Mechanics, technicians and roadside service providers are often some of the most overlooked, yet critical members, of the trucking industry. They keep everything running by the critical role they play. 

Transportation Logistics

Coordinating shipping products from Point A to Point B reliably, safely, and economically is an extremely complex challenge - becoming increasingly more complex every single day. Working together is critical!

Trucking Manufacturers

Trucking and equipment manufacturers are unarguably a critical provider to the trucking industry, consumers and partners to other industry communities. CDL Depot was designed to serve you.

Founded by Experience

Doris Rawlings comes from a long line of trucking professionals dating back to her great-grandfather. Many years of working within the trucking industry for a Fortune 500 corporation has given Doris the type of industry experience and insight to drive the CDL Depot forward into the twenty-first century.

Employment Opportunities

Job Seekers & Job Posters

Whether you are looking for a trucking job, or you are a trucking industry employer looking to fill a position, CDL Depot can help you find what's next!

Keeping Company With Trucking Industry Leaders

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Our Mission

CDL Depot is focused on supporting the trucking industry by offering best-of-breed consulting and marketing services to the benefit of both industry employers as well as individuals within the trucking industry.

We offer services specifically geared towards helping all whose lives are interconnected to the trucking ecosystem.  

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